Guide to the IceWings!

IceWing Sigil


You landed onto the cold white snow. It froze your talons but you stepped over to the magnificent ice palace that belonged to Queen Glacier. You gripped the scroll in one hand. You had to deliver it to Burn. Who knows what they will do if you don't. You heard a whip-like noise from behind and turned to see what it was. It would be too cold for it to be a scavenger. "Who's there...?" You growled. "I have a message for Burn." You yelled out. Something whipped your back and growled angrily. A dragon shaped silhouette dashed around and you bared your teeth. Two dragons whipped you from behind and claws raked across your flank. About five large armored IceWings circled around you. Behind one was the corpse of a familiar SandWing decked in Blaze's royal guard armor. You glanced at the IceWings talons and noticed blood blanketed on them. Why would they kill an ally? One noticed where your pupils were locked at and started murmuring to the others. They immediately stood up straight and silent just before a powerful, muscular IceWing stepped through two of them and starred down you. He was even larger than the others. One of the IceWings snatched the scroll from you and handed it to the supposed leader. He starred at it with his black penetrating eyes. "The passerby tells that it is to be given to Princess Burn as a message." A female soldier said. Their leader nodded and starred down at you. "Did he see the.... guard, Freeze." He asked the female soldier, glancing back towards the brutally assassinated SandWing. "Yes Frostbite." She answered. "Don't worry, it will be delivered." Freeze pinned you down by the head and sank her talons in when you tried to escape. "Stay still scavenger breath!" She growled and signaled another dragon to help her. "You didn't see anything." A male growled and blasted some of his freezing IceWing breath on your neck. The leader narrowed his eyes at you and held two talons up. "Take care of him." As soon as he snapped the two talons together the ice breath, whips and talons beat your talons. You eventually dropped limp, with scars all over your body. Frostbite glanced at the smaller male and hissed. "Drop him off at the mountain tops Hail." Hail nodded and replied with a 'yes sir' and dragged you away. IceWings shall dominate.


Queen Queen Glacier
Population 0
Territory Mt. Shiveer
War Alliances Blaze with most of the SandWings.
Glacier's Palace den needed


First Circle

Name Username Age (years)
Queen Glacier needs player 17

Second Circle

Name Username Parents/Dragonets Mate Age (years) Gender

Third Circle

Name Username Parents/Dragonets Mate Age (years) Gender

Fourth Circle

Name Username Mate Parents/Dragonets Age (years) Gender

Fifth Circle

Name Username Parents/Dragonets Mate Age (years) Gender

Sixth Circle

Name Username Parents/Dragonets Mate Age (years) Gender

Seventh Circle

Name Username Mate Parents/Dragonets Age (years)